The ROI On Experience

I just wrote a great post on LinkedIn. It took me about 30 minutes to compose and it was what I thought was a masterpiece. Before I hit submit, though, I did something to escape my status update and lost 30 minutes of work. LinkedIn didn’t save my work and deleted it. 


Stupid, I know. I broke my own rule of using OneNote to write content and then copying it onto my social media so that I don’t lose the work if I ever get a call or press escape or something goes wrong. 


This is the Return on Investment of experience. I can tell you to do the same. Write your posts out on OneNote or Evernote or Notion and then post to your social media otherwise, you might lose the content. 


But when you go through the pain of losing something great that you wrote, you learn it much better. The experience sticks with you for longer. In life, you can read books, talk to mentors but sometimes experience is the best teacher. You can’t learn to swim unless you jump in the water and actually do it. 


Sometimes you just have to go through the school of hard knocks. I teach about digital wealth creation and quite often it is about removing the fear of failure in my students. They are too afraid to post something on social media as they might make a mistake and “look dumb”. Or they might ask for a sale from a potential client and come across as “too pushy”. The best learning, though comes from experience and doing it. 


Whatever it is for you, you have to jump in and let life teach you. 

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