The Spectators of Life

Caution: Watching from the sidelines does not change the outcome of the game – no matter how hard you shout. 


Visit a football stadium and there are 22 players on the field playing while 80,000 people watch. The football players and the referees can impact the outcome of the game, while the rest of the world can simply comment, appreciate or criticize what the referees and players are doing. 


The world is full of spectators. Less than 1,000 players played in the FIFA World Cup while over a billion people watched and commented. 


Spectators read the newspapers and watch television, while those being written about or shown on the television screen are the contributors to the world.  Spectators look out for the flaws in the products that Apple is releasing rather than releasing their own products. 


Spectating is easy. It’s almost risk-free. The louder you shout as a spectator isn’t going to change the outcome of the game. 


In the past most of us could only be spectators.  We couldn’t add our comments to Oprah Winfrey as she couldn’t hear us.  Or create our own own TV shows or newspapers.  Now though through the internet we can also participate.  It is no longer the big one-way screen that you could do nothing but stare at.  Now you can interact with the screen.  You can contribute to the world, tell them your thoughts and be a player on the field. 

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