Selling a company for USD 230 million

In this conversation between Amir Anzur and Tony Jamous, Tony shares his remarkable journey as a software entrepreneur, highlighting key moments in his career. Born in Lebanon during a civil war, Tony’s life transformed when he moved to France at 17 to study computer science, opening doors to the Western economy. 

Tony’s journey led him to create successful ventures, including Maximo, which grew to $200 million in revenue in five years and went public, and his current experience, Oyster HR, focused on simplifying cross-border employment. He emphasizes the importance of raising funds for innovation and the changing landscape of early-stage funding.

Tony’s vision for Oyster HR is to create an employment infrastructure that enables companies to hire talent globally, breaking down barriers related to country-specific employment regulations. He also offers training in remote work, making the world the oyster for companies and individuals.

Tony’s choice of “Oyster” signifies that the world is full of opportunities, highlighting the potential for companies to access a diverse talent pool and individuals to find jobs globally.

Tony’s journey and vision inspire us to think beyond geographical limitations and embrace the possibilities of a more connected and equitable world through technology and innovation.

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