Experience Different

“You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.” – Amir Anzur 

Are you tired of the same experience of McDonald’s and Starbucks wherever you go in the globalized world?

Want to experience something completely different while talking business and personal development with your fellow travelers?

Experience Pakistan like you have never seen it before.

We will give you an edutainment (education + entertainment) trip of a lifetime. Let us take care of everything. You just turn up and grow.

This holiday is a business-friendly trip, so you can write off the expense to your business as you explore and look at opportunities in one of the most investable countries in the world, with a population of 230 million and an average income of just USD 1,500 per person per year.

Imagine a digital world where you can hire resources for USD 125 per month and what you could do with them to transform your business or change the world.

Sometimes, going and experiencing a place is the best memory you can collect. The people you meet, the places you see, the adventures you have. We will open doors for you and educate you about the opportunities and pitfalls of the developing world.

You can live in an expensive land like New York or London, or you can live in cheaper land like Pakistan. The advantage is that in the digital world, you can do more when you connect the two.

We want to create an experience that will be memorable for you. The hospitality of the Pakistani people while getting educated about taking your life and business to the next level.

The Tour


Arrival and check-in to the accommodation in Islamabad.   
Dinner with the group at 8 pm. 


Explore how the rich live in Pakistan - including typical Markaz(shops), homes, schools, Universities and technology companies.


Explore the poor - how the poor live in a developing country. Including homes, schools, food etc


Day trip to Peshawar


Day trip to Murree


Free day in Islamabad


Check-out from accommodation. 
Goodbye brunch and flights back to where you came from 

If you want to arrive a few days earlier or stay a few days later, simply let us know, and we will help you arrange extra accommodation for you. 

Chief Everything Officer (CEO)

Each VIP guest will also be assigned a Chief Everything Officer (CEO) with a dedicated car for you for the entire time you are there.  You can do everything on the tour, or if you want to skip something, you can just ask your CEO to take you anywhere at any time.   

The CEO can be your assistant in setting up your business in Pakistan, finding your suppliers, helping you find opportunities to invest locally, introducing you to government or private sector contacts, or simply taking you to another tourist spot off the beaten track.   

The CEO is a VIP (Very Important Pakistani) who will help you navigate the local landscape. 

Tickets Includes

 – All food, drinks, tips, luxury accommodation, travel, visa, etc.… 

Everything except your flights to Pakistan is included – you won’t need any more cash.   

Buying the VIP ticket also includes a CEO and a dedicated car for the entire journey. 





Covers everything, including 5 star accommodation, food and drink, tour guide, etc- everything except flights. 

Everything in standard plus you get a personal Chief Everything Officer who takes care of your every need and have exclusive VIP dinners to talk business and opportunities with a higher level of people. 
You get your own personal car to take you anywhere too. 

Everything in VIP plus Amir Anzur will spend time with you consulting you on growing and building your global business.   
You also get a team of three CEOs (usually University graduates) who will work for you for an entire year (salaries etc included) to explore opportunities for you either within or outside Pakistan. 

USD 4,000

USD 10,000

USD 75,000 

Sun Mar 3rd to Sat 9th Mar

Sun Mar 3rd to Sat 9th Mar

Sun Mar 3rd to Sat 9th Mar

Sun April 7th to Sat 13th April

Sun April 7th to Sat 13th April

Sun April 7th to Sat 13th April


Yes, the experience you will get will be like nothing you have seen in the Western world.  Learn from the locals and this trip might actually make you money as you learn how the digital world will change the lives of those in developing and developed countries. 

This is not just an ordinary trip – we use it as an opportunity to change your life and give you purpose while also helping the local population.  You will see a different side to capitalism and grow personally on the trip. 


Whereas you could go lie down on a beach somewhere and spend similar money drinking and getting hangovers.  With this trip, you will have the opportunity to get a return on investment with all the opportunities we provide you. 

Money should be used for experiences, and this will be an experience you will remember. 

A big part of the trip is educating you on a different part of the world and showing you the future.  If you are convinced, you could drastically change your business and life in 2024. 

You will experience this through meeting people – not only the people we arrange for you to see on the tour but also the people that will join you from around the world to make this trip.   

It takes a special type of person to invest in a trip like this to learn and give back. 

You can do.  It is much cheaper that way.  But you won’t have the benefit of great teachers and learners to accompany you on your journey.  We encourage you to go, even if it is not joining our tour; you will love it. 

You can come by yourself on our tour and don’t need any friends to tag along with you as we will help you socialize with other guests. 

Yes!  We rely on word-of-mouth marketing.  As a bonus, we pay you 20 % for the life of the customer, so for instance, if they invest USD 2,500, you will make USD 500. 

You just need to sign up as an affiliate at and send them your unique link.  They also get a 5 % discount using your link or coupon code. 

Entrepreneurs, executives, ex-pat Pakistanis, people who seek adventure and are keen on personal growth.  The minimum age to join is 16 years old.  If you are keen on a sense of adventure that will transform your life, come join us. 

Yes, pick and choose whatever you want to attend.  The agenda is just there to give us some structure for the week.  But you might have interesting side conversations with fellow travellers or locals and want to follow up with them.   

Feel free to attend whatever you want and skip whatever you don’t want.  For VIPs, we assign you a Chief Everything Officer (CEO) who will be available for you for the duration of your stay so they can take you “off-piste” and help you get the most out of the trip.   

Before the trip starts we ask our participants for what would make this an awesome experience for them and what they would like to get out of the week and we try our best to help you achieve your goals – whether it be a connection, a key employee or a sense of adventure. 

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