TShirt Marketing: The YouShirt

If you are getting your business off the ground what is known as “gorilla marketing” is critical. You want your brand to be noticed. But you probably don’t have the budget that large companies do to get your brand out there.

Wearing a t-shirt with a giant logo on it is an excellent (and cheap) way to get your brand out there. Just turn up at a few parties or events wearing your t-shirt and your brand will begin to spread.  Make the logo big enough so it can been seen from a distance and on photos.

Most shopping malls have custom t-shirt printing in them. Make the writing as big as possible and have it on both front and back of your t-shirt – you are now a walking billboard.

Get tagged on photos with other people and you have the equivalent of the old economy ad in the paper on your friends Facebook walls. Wear it to big events such as the formula 1 and getting on TV can give you the same exposure that other brands pay millions of dollars for.

Go to your industry events – where the influencers and your customers are likely to be. Get your friends to wear your t-shirts as well.

Why would you pay Nike and Armani to wear their logo? Start noticing that more and more entrepreneurs are going to be wearing their own brands. In the new economy we have all become celebrities – So start using your fame to promote your own products!

Do not wait until your brand is “perfected” – building brand takes time so start wearing YouShirts now.

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