Ultimate Digital Transformation

If you are a big thinker working for a government or a corporation and want to bring a big change to your citizens or customers, then Ultimate Digital Transformation is the service for you. We come with our team of digital experts and work on your problem for two years. We first understand the problem, research what is happening in other places around the world to deal with this problem, create a strategy to digitally transform your industry or service and bring in a digital team to help make it happen.

From the digital strategists to the programmers writing the code, up to 25 people could be working on your problem at any one time. Some based locally to you and others working remotely. KPMG audited one of our digital innovations for a government client to bring over USD 600,000 per year. Digital is changing societies, and having our ability to think differently will change the course of your clients’ or citizens’ lives. We have worked with the American, British, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Pakistani governments, as well as Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Samsung to help them think differently.

The investment for this is USD 2,000,000 for 2 years. You pay upfront and we do the work over the next two years to make it all happen. Call or message me directly on +447733003930 to get started or book a time in my calendar to discuss.

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