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As an entrepreneur you need to keep feeding your brain. The awesome news for you is that there is tons of material on the internet that you can go through from your home or office for free. A decade ago you would have had to pay top dollar to attend lectures at the top universities. The rich had the chance of getting richer through better education, while the poor didn’t have access to the education so they remained poor. All this is changing.

You absolutely DO NOT need an MBA to be a successful entrepreneur. Ask Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Richard Branson. Yes, I happen to have an MBA (and don’t regret getting one) but if the “excuse” you are giving yourself for the reason you are not starting your business is that you need to get an MBA first, then get over it. An actual business experience is by far a better investment of your money than attending business school (even if the $100,000 you invest in the business doesn’t work out!).

I really enjoyed this lecture from a partner at 37signals, David Heineimeier Hansson. How much more valuable is it to learn from a real life entrepreneur than a professor at a university which has only read about entrepreneurship in books? Other great lectures can be found at http://ecorner.stanford.edu

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