Waiting For Reality To Catchup

How can you speed up reality?

As the entrepreneur you tend to be the dreamer.  You imagine something which isn’t there yet.  Walt Disney had to imagine Disney World when it was just a bunch of empty fields.  Steven Spielberg has to imagine a finished movie before an actor has even been casted.  In his head, the movie has already been done – but it takes months and years to make the “actual” movie.

When Bill Gates imagined a PC in every home – in his head, he was already there in the 1980’s.  Three decades on and we are getting closer but reality still hasn’t caught up yet.

As the entrepreneur you will have to do a lot of thinking and imagining about how you want your life/product/business to be like.  Your imagination will take less than a second to put the future together, the interesting part is how to get “reality” to catchup.

You start with a blank canvas.  Then you have to paint it.  You don’t even have all the tools to paint it yourself as other people will have to help you put your painting together.

It used to frustrate me.  Having an idea took a couple of minutes/days/weeks.  But bringing it to life can take months/years/decades.  Now though, I’ve learned to enjoy the process.  To have patience  for reality to catchup.  And if you are going through trying to achieve your goals.  It’s important to not get frustrated when the world doesn’t see what you see as quickly as you see it.  But to learn to communicate better.  Learn to enjoy.  And learn to percervere until reality does catchup to where your imagination has already been.


In my imagination there will be a “Webpreneur University” in every village in the world.  Just as people paid to eat burgers in McDonalds in the old economy, Webpreneur University will be a franchise which teaches people to master the web.  This university will teach people how to become better entrepreneurs and work for themselves.  A leader in the field of adult education.  Getting there might take us a few years – but in the meantime we are running “Webpreneur Camps” – this next one is in Knowledge Village, Block 1, Dubai on 22 Oct at 9 am.  If you are looking to do something different with your life than simply working for your boss than turn up to the camp on Friday.  Details are at WebpreneurUniversity.com.  Or you can call me on +971 50 1977 531 – the university is still small so you can connect straight to the Dean’s mobile :).  There will be opportunities to franchise the university to take back to your village.  And if you are an investor that wants to take equity in what will be the leading global brand in education impacting the lives of millions of people, please contact me.

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Amir Anzur


  1. That is quite a goal … I hope things work out well for you.

  2. Thanks Habtom! “if you are going to think. You might as well think big.” Donald Trump.

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