Wealth Is not Just About The Money

When I first started writing this book and when I first started my journey I thought it was all about making money. Once I’ve had a chance to reflect I can see what life is actually about is creating wealth. The word ‘wealth’ includes money but it also includes friends, family, experiences, knowledge and harmony.

If you go just for the money eventually you might even get the money – but what are you going to do with it? How much will be enough and are you ready to wait another 30 years to reach your milestone and not be happy until you get their? What happens if this becomes so central to your life that if it doesn’t happen you feel that you have ‘wasted’ your life? You may build up your empire but a tornado might wipe it out – could you say ‘no big deal, I enjoyed the journey anyway’.

The fact is that you need to enjoy the journey to creating wealth. All of these things are intertwined anyway. If you have a good home life you are going to perform better at work. The more friends you have, the bigger your network and the network will lead to more success in your business (or making money).

Experiences will make you a more interesting person, which means that more people will want to be your friend and your network will grow. Also you would have experienced the ups and downs of life so will be more prepared for any business situations. You will be better at dealing with people – which means you will be a better employee, boss, salesperson etc…

Ultimately wealth in all these areas is what you should strive for. The fame and money can be an empty definition of wealth – witness all the rock stars that committ suicide when they seem to have it all. You need to find your internal harmony.

Don’t worry if you are not there yet. It is a journey which will require many dead ends before you get to a path that is at least moving in the right direction. A lot of people realize that they are not in harmony, but also realize that to get on the right path it might require many steps ‘backwards’ (e.g. changing jobs to less initial pay). The fact is that if you know you are going the wrong direction, moving faster will not get you there faster. Check the directions once in a while and make sure you are going on the right course. This might require you to do a U-turn and then get on the right track – that’s okay, at least you are moving towards where you want to go. And yes you might feel that you are ‘behind the others’ but the fact is that you are just competing against yourself – not your high school or university or work friends. Harmony is a subjective thing and what you require in your life might be different from what ‘they’ require.

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