What Online Gambling Can Teach Us In Terms Of Marketing

Have you ever tried to pull off a marketing stunt to make your business more known, heard of and talked about? How did that work out for you or what stopped you from doing it? The obsession of attracting new customers is best put into practice by being creative when informing the public of your products or services. Did you know that the Miss America Pageant was originally created in order to attract more tourists to Atlantic City? Or that the world famous Tour de France was first held in order to promote Henri Desgrange’s newspaper over a century ago? However, not all marketing stunts are going to trigger the same results. On the contrary, we are solely going to mention the case of a candy company that started a campaign of dropping foil-wrapped chocolates on the people living in Berlin in order to advertise themselves only to be stopped by the police because of registered complaints of bruised people and children’s Sunday school suits being stained. How do online gambling sites promote themselves and their services? Do you consider them to be a positive example to follow for the success of your own marketing strategy?

How Do Online Casinos Promote Themselves?

In 2004, a Caribbean online casino tried a marketing stunt that would help them make a powerful stand and help them promote themselves at a deeper level. Given the fact that as an online casino they could not promote themselves using the classic media channels, they started paying people to tattoo their logo on their bodies and even bought William Shatner’s kidney stone for $25,000 in order to auction it off. Nevertheless, a few years ago they bought a partially eaten grilled cheese sandwich for almost $30,000 – the ridiculously expensive sandwich appeared to have the likeness of the Virgin Mary into the bread! No matter what your take on their approach might be, the truth is their casino started receiving a huge amount of worldwide attention and they got a lot of media exposure in the biggest publications and televisions such as BBC, CNN, USA Today and even China Daily. Later on, they also bought the pan used for grilling the sandwich, and they started selling T-shirts emblazoned with the sandwich. They went even further and started a world tour, displaying the Virgin Mary sandwich in the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas not to mention their World Grilled Cheese Eating Championship rewarding the fastest grilled cheese sandwich eater with $10,000.

The lesson we can learn from this online casino in the Caribbean is that pretty much anything can work to the advantage of your gambling business, even an outlandish marketing stunt. But do keep in mind that if you are running a place like Ace Kingdom for example you are still need going to have to find a marketing strategy/stunt that will perfectly match the character of your venue. Opt for charity events that normally make any casino look great, especially if you are also planning on locating your casino somewhere on an island outside of the United States.

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