Where Do You Belong?

In an ever-international world, some of us might not feel a sense of belonging to any one town, city, or country. The borders are removed in the digital world, yet we still long for that sense of belonging.

Having the privilege to move to so many countries, I have spent much of my life “finding a home.” Some cities give you economic advantages. Some cities have more families. There are cities where you enjoy visiting.

But sometimes you want to find a town to call home. As I hit my mid-40s, I see my friends scattered around the world. I sometimes dream of moving to a different city because why should I be bound by where I am? I am still trying to figure out the answer to where home is. You can buy property. You can make friends, but some of us will always be nomads moving every few years or decades.

You might be surprised by where you end up, too.

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