Why You Should Provide Free Knowledge

The more content I can give you for FREE the more you are likely to come back to this site.  The more you are also likely to tell your friends about this site.

The more people that visit this site – the more potential customers/perspective employers I have.  If 10 people are reading this blog than I have 10 potential customers/employers.  If 1,000 people are reading this blog than I have 1,000 potential customers.  This means that if I launch a new business I already have an audience of 1,000 people that will listen to my idea.  If only 10 %  of people like my idea than I have just moved from 1 potential customer to 100 potential  customers.  This could also help me in finding jobs or promoting businesses that belong to my friends.

By helping you I am helping myself.

The most common question I get when I tell people that I want to give away my best content and teach people for free is – why?  You work hard and should get paid for it.  They get suspicious that “there is a catch”.

Most authors make negligible money from their actual book sales – but it provides them opportunities to sell their consulting services or be seen as an “expert” in some domain.  If someone is reading your book than it is like they are listening to you talk – consider it a long resume.  If they like what you have to say you are more employable – it is a part of brand building.

How can I compete with the millions of other books and things to take your time.  If I start charging than I add another barrier to you reading my stuff.  This way I win by gaining some of your time, and you win by getting access to my knowledge for free!  So that’s why you should also start your own website.

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