Why Your Organisation Must Have An Audio Library

So you don’t have enough time to read?

An average employee will spend 1 ½  hours a day in their car.

That is 1 ½  (hours per day) * 5 (days per week) * 45 (weeks per year) = 337 hours or over 2 full months of 40 hour weeks per year sitting in a car.

This is the equivalent of doing a full semester at a university just commuting to and from work.

Listening to audio books will give you a huge amount of knowledge in what would have been “dead” time (e.g. listening to radio, on the phone etc…).

If your organisation wants to help its people grow than you must start an audio library.  Imagine if every person in your organisation could get 2 months of training per year and all it would cost you would be less than $3,000 for the whole organisation ($3,000 will buy you approximately 100 audiobooks).  Your employees will not take any time off work to get the extra education.

Go to amazon and buy 100 of the best selling business books – books on sales, marketing or leadership written by the likes of Jack Welch, Martin Luther King, Anthony Robbins, Jim Collins etc.  Learn a language, learn to sing better, get some sales tips, learn how to make money on the web, how to be a better manager….what ever interest you – just make your rides to work productive.

When you start listening to audiobooks you will no longer mind being stuck in a traffic jam – your time isn’t wasted listening to commercials on the radio or listening to a talk show host tell me about what he did over the weekend.

Your confidence will grow – listening to people like Jack Welch or Richard Branson while driving is like having them sitting next to you and talking about their experiences – why learn from your own mistakes when you could learn from theirs?

Listening is the new reading.

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