My Why

By the time I was 21 years old, I was making more money than I could spend.  I didn’t have a taste for fancy cars, watches, or houses, so a six-figure salary was more than enough for all my needs.  I got the privilege of creating and losing a lot of wealth in my 25 years since then.  

Here is one chart that drives me:

GDP Per Capita Across the World

I have had the privilege in living in all these countries and can see that some countries make it easier to generate wealth.  I saw the power of the Internet in the late 1990s to create a level playing field.  I want to teach people to create wealth from anywhere in the world using strategies that I learned. 

The other reason “why” is that I have struggled as an Internet entrepreneur for over two and a half decades.  It has impacted my relationships, mental health, physical health, and sanity, and I want to make it easier for others so they don’t have quite the roller-coaster that I did.  I believe in entrepreneurship as a great life outside the corporate world, and I want to show people the way out.  Especially people over 40 who were perhaps not born into digital like those in their 20s were. 

Out of a population of 230 million, there are over 20 million kids out of school in Pakistan – the second highest number after Nigeria.  I would like to think about how we can also help these along with the richest of society.

Our services help leaders of societies grow their brands and their impact – imagine if you could publish a book that carries your message or start a podcast that reaches more people whose lives you could impact?

I have learned over my wealth creation career that you make more money from helping the rich, than you help from helping the poor but I want to put it out there that my long term goal is to also help the poorest of the world.

Many of my books, podcasts, and other knowledge is free as I realized most of the world does not pay for knowledge.  I only monetize my expertise by working with a tiny number of the five billion people online who would rather hire the author than read from the author, as they have the resources to pay for someone’s time to help them achieve their goals faster.

I have also put incentives in place so that if you help me generate business, you can make a decent living.

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