Your Brand And The Impact On YOUR Wealth

Your brand has a big impact on your ability to earn.  If people see you as educated, hard working and able to deliver they will pay you a bigger salary.  If they see you as lazy and inefficient you are not going to make as much money.

Some things you have control over – for instance your Grade Point Average, the activities you participate in and the positions of leadership you take.  Other things, you don’t have much control over – your skin color or passport color – yet they have an equal if not a bigger impact on your ability to earn.  They are a part of your brand.

Like it or not your nationality has a HUGE impact on your ability to earn.  People will judge you by your nationality before they even look at your resume.  Are you Indian, Filipino, American, Israeli, Swiss, British, Emirati, Palestinian, Iraqi?

Then the GPA, if you got an MBA or any of the other details will be factored in.  So many people from the Middle East/subcontinent move to places like Canada/Australia/Britain/United States for a few years in order to get a passport which buys them the freedom to travel and gets them higher paid jobs.

Isn’t this what the likes of Dr. Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela were fighting against – to judge men and women by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin (which has now become the color of their passport).

Green is the new Black

For the past few years I have been studying how to reduce poverty.  I switched from the entrepreneurial world to working in public education.  One big “a ha” for me was that countries like Rawanda/Palestine/Iraq/Afghanistan have as smart people living/working there than any other country I have been to.  A 19 year old Iraqi student from a decent university is as smart as a German student.  But if you received a resume from an “Iraqi” person rather than a “German” you are more likely to hire the German.  Nothing was wrong with the Iraqi resume except the image of her country in the media.  Nothing that she could have done anything about.

As I’m originally from Pakistan I often lecture there on “Rebrand Pakistan” to various universities.  Here is a lecture I gave last week.  You don’t need to be Pakistani to “get it” – simply replace the word “Pakistan” with whatever nationality you happen to be.

Executive summary:

  • – Your countries brand impacts YOUR ability to earn
  • – Watching regular news and television will make you a more NEGATIVE person (create your own positive reality)
  • – YOU can impact the brand of YOUR country and hence create more wealth for YOURSELF

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