Your Job Killed Your Creativity

You really want to know why you are not as creative as you used to be as a kid?  Its because of your job.  Your school.  Your University.

You were born creative.  You used to love to color all over the page.  Then the teacher told you to color inside the lines.  You complied and you lost a little of your creativity.

Then you wore something unusual to school one day and the other kids made fun of you. That day you lost a little more of your creativity.  On your essay assignment you wrote what you thought was a masterpiece.  But the teacher gave you a “D” on the assignment.  You knew that in order to pass university you had to change the way you wrote so that the teacher would give you a better grade.  You lost more of your creativity.

You hate being told what to wear.  But your job requires a suit and tie so that you can look like everyone else.  Your creativity is dieing.

If you are like everyone else the world will not remember you.  Picasso was weird with his paintings.  The world remembers him.  Shakespeare had unusual stories.  We remember him.  Michael Jackson wasn’t your typical suit and tie singer.  We remember him.  Would the world remember Shakespeare the employee number 45345332?

But we don’t remember the people that came into the world simply to please their boss or their teacher.  The ones that complied and killed their creativity.  The ones that sacrificed their beliefs and their passions to please their boss/teacher/parents.

If you are in a job, my guess is that your creativity is dieing everyday.  You are doing things to please your boss or those around you rather than bringing out your natural talent.

Perhaps your creativity begins to kick in at 11 pm but your alarm clock wakes you up at 7.30 am.  Who decided that “artists” can only work from 9 to 5 pm.

People were not meant to be machines.  Start hunting at 9 am and enjoy life after 5 pm.  Your great-grandparents got up when they wanted – chances are they had their own business rather than worked in a corporation or for the government.  Cavemen hunted when they felt hungry and they slept when they wanted.  They didn’t wait until Fridays to “enjoy their weekend”.  All these rules have been put in place by society and they are killing your natural creativity.

Be free.  Dream again.  Do what YOU want to do.  Do things the way YOU want them.  Don’t let your job kill your creativity.

The internet enables you to be unique.  If your website is like every other website than you will be forgotten.  If you write like every other writer you will be lost in the sea of websites.  Speaking in the nerdy corporate language will lose you readers.  Newspapers are dieing as their content is repetitive – the web offers the readers more choice.  YouTube offers viewers more choice.  No longer can the boring corporate world survive.  The web offers you the chance to be yourself and the rewards are for those that are unique rather than like everybody else.

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