Your Third Wave On the Internet

Are you ready to ride the next internet wave?

Your first wave on the internet started with you getting an email account and browsing websites of other companies.  You were able to check your prospective employers and see what other companies were all about.  You read the news online or checked your bank account online.  You were primarily consuming content.

The second wave came where you started to actually interact with the web and create content.  Now, no longer merely reading and consuming what other people were writing, but also joining in.  You joined websites such as facebook and started to create content.  You posted pictures, status updates, and perhaps created a few “notes” for your friends.  If you were truly daring, you might even have posted a few videos for YouTube.

You will join the third wave within the next few years (unless you are already there).  This is where you move away from the closed environment of facebooks or LinkedIn and put yourself openly on the web.  Having a website such as is what most people will eventually move to.  Where you realize that the web can open a whole host of opportunities for you.  That business can happen with “strangers” not only closed friends or people you already met in the real world.  That there is an opportunity to use the web to advance your career or make a living – not merely using it to post about what you did on the weekend or your thoughts on politics.

I’ve been enjoying the third wave of the web already.  Instead of having recommendations on LinkedIn – where only people that probably already know me see testimonials about me – I copy and paste them into where anyone can see them.  This way “strangers” get to trust me and approach me about opportunities from all over the world (Botswana, United States, Singapore and Taiwan this week alone).

Instead of producing content for only your closed facebook friends, you produce content so that anyone on the web can see your content.  Rather than me doing the hard work (producing content) and giving away money to facebook (those ads you see on the right side of facebook, don’t pay me any money), I move people to come and visit my own websites – where any revenue I make, goes into my pocket – not Mark Zuckerberg’s.

Where I can partner with physical world companies and start selling through the web (Valentine’s is coming and if you want to order Valentine’s flowers for that someone special around the Dubai area – visit – my address in case you want to send me flowers is Unit P12, Rimal 2, JBR, Dubai, PO Box 487177 🙂 – sorry to plug my company, but I got to make a living too).

Where instead of doing the marketing for hotmail, yahoo or gmail by using an email address such as, I’m instead doing the marketing for myself by having

The third wave of the internet is where the mass population will start to use the internet to create wealth for themselves.  So that the power will move away from a few large companies (google, facebook, YouTube, Amazon) to loads of tiny webpreneurs creating wealth for themselves.  The third wave is going to be the most interesting wave.  Where we see a whole shift of jobs, opportunities and entrepreneurs being created.

Are you ready to make the transition to the third internet wave?

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  1. Very interesting article! I enjoy reading it. You provide valuable information. Some may not know wide wave of internet information. But you classified three waves in internet and advantages. Nice!

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